Some folks are going to do some early travel this weekend, but the bulk of travelers will be heading out next week. Today our weather will be fine for travel in the region. However, there will be a strip of rain showers over the Ohio River Valley into the Northeast States.

Travel Forecast Today

Notice how much dry air lies over most of the country. In our area we have high pressure moving away to the northeast. There is an area of low pressure far to our south.

Regional Weather Map

Moisture is trying to flow up into our dry airmass, but like a defensive lineman… Most of the moisture is getting blocked. We will have some nice weather for a while today. We’ll be mostly to partly sunny through midday. Then we’ll have increasing clouds this afternoon. There will be a few showers in the area, but they will only be isolated to scattered.

Future Trak (This Afternoon)

Winds will be light and out of the southeast. High temps will rise all the way up to the low 70s with a few mid 70s inland. This is about 10 degrees above average.

Forecast Temps Today

Tonight the low will pass offshore. After a few spotty showers in the evening we’ll dry out overnight. Tomorrow a cold front will move in from the northwest. Winds will pick up out of the north behind it. We may get a couple of spotty showers or sprinkles in the morning. Otherwise we’ll have clearing skies and cooler temps. Highs will be in the mid 60s Saturday afternoon.

Temperature Trend

Winds will gust up to 25mph. We’ll be dry and cool on Sunday. Lows will be in the 30s and 40s. Highs will be in the upper 50s. The long-range models are showing lots of rain Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday.

GFS Model Next Tuesday

This system is a different animal, and it looks like we will get a decent moisture return with it. So I’m putting a lot more stock into the rain for that time. While this will be good for our region in terms of rainfall. It won’t be good for travelers. The details could still change yet. So check back for updates. The preliminary forecast for Thanksgiving is chilly, dry, and windy.

Preliminary Thanksgiving Forecast

We’ll have more on that over the weekend.

There is some activity in the tropics. This morning Potential Tropical Cyclone 22 was producing heavy rain over parts of the Caribbean.

This feature will move to the northeast today. It is forecast to become a tropical depression soon. Then it is expected to briefly become a tropical storm.

Forecast Track

The forecast looks like it will stay far east of the U.S. east coast. The models are in decent agreement about this as well.

Forecast Models

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler