We don’t have any big headlines in the weather today. At least not locally. We are going to have some warm temperatures for sure. We have had this pattern where we get a warm up mid-late week. Then we get the colder air on the weekends. It’s been that way for a while. Take a look!

Temperatures Last 2 Weeks

We are continuing with that pattern right now. Yesterday we had some great weather with highs in the low 60s. Today we are going to aim for the upper 60s to near 70.

Forecast Temps Today

This will be a steep climb. Temps this morning actually started off in the 40s with a couple of 30s. However, temps will quickly shoot up to the 60s this afternoon.

Forecast Temperatures Today

A few spots may even hit 70 degrees. We have a warm front that is moving up from the south. It will rise through the region today.

Regional Weather Map

There is a strong area of low pressure over the Midwest with a cold front to our west. There’s actually a mistake (sort of) on the map above. Did you catch it? Technically the front should be an occluded front between the low and the warm front. I try to simplify the maps sometimes so that they are easy to understand in a short period of time. Anyway…

Moisture is increasing fast. We will have a lot of clouds today with a few peeks of sun. There have been a handful of showers this morning so far. We’ll see a few more showers today, but there won’t be much. A few hit-or-miss showers will be possible in the afternoon into the evening.

Future Trak (This Afternoon)

Anything that falls will be light. Winds will be kicking in out of the south at 10-15mph with some gusts to 25mph.

Wind Gust Forecast

We won’t cool down much tonight. Lows will be near 50 degrees. We’ll be mostly cloudy with a few spotty showers. The cold front will finally arrive early tomorrow morning. This will dry us out fast. So we’ll have lots of sunshine tomorrow with a west breeze. High temps will be in the mid 50s. We will have that chilly air returning on Saturday. High temps will only be in the upper 40s. At least it will be mostly sunny. We’ll warm up a touch into the 50s on Sunday, but rain is likely to move in. It could be a large area of rain (unlike today).

GFS Forecast Sunday

I would say that it will start up in the afternoon, but the timing could change. That rain will continue Sunday night into Monday morning. The long range forecast shows some milder temps towards the middle of next week, but there is some potentially much colder air in the forecast towards the next weekend. We’ll see. That is far off in time.

Where’s the snow? North and west.

Snow Cover (U.S.)
Snow Cover

There have been some heavy amounts out west and up towards Minnesota.

Could we still see snow this Winter? The short answer is “sure”. Late January into February is typically prime-time for cold and wintry weather. So we’ll see what happens in the next 3-4 weeks. However, I will say that if this pattern keeps up, then we will not have measurable snow. Time will tell.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler