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Today’s forecast is a little tricky, but it’s nothing that I haven’t seen before. If you looked at a surface map you would see an area of low pressure off in the northeast states, a cold front well to our south, and high pressure edging in from the west.

Looks pretty quiet doesn’t it? However, it’s in the upper levels that you have to look to find today’s main weather maker. To view that we use a tool called water vapor:

This looks at the water vapor content in the mid-upper levels of the atmosphere. This detects a lot of features at that level like the jet stream and upper level lows. In this case today the upper level low is drifting right over us. It is typically a spinning upper level cold pool. With the cooler air aloft there is a small amount of instability. This will often cause weird looking clouds and scattered showers.

In the warmer months it can even create some thunderstorms and small hail (probably not today). Today it will bring us a mix of sun and clouds and some scattered rain showers. We’ll have a cool northwesterly breeze. So high temps will only be in the mid-upper 60s. 

Tomorrow all of this moves out. High pressure will build in. So we’ll have some really nice weather in the region. Skies will be mostly sunny through most of the day. High temps will rise to the low 70s. We’ll still have a light northwest wind, but the extra sunshine should warm us up nicely.  We’ll be looking good on Thursday with highs in the upper 70s and partly cloudy skies. We’ll be partly cloudy on Friday with a couple of spotty showers by the evening. Highs will be in the 80s. We’ll be warm next weekend as well with more 80s. There may be some isolated to scattered showers, but the chance looks fairly low at this time (20-30%).  

Meanwhile the wacky weather continues over other parts of the country.  There is snow today over parts of the Northeast states.  At least in the higher elevations.  They are recovering from recent flooding across the deep south.  Then there is also some heat building in the western/central U.S. This is moving in from the west coast where there was some record heat recently.  

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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