Due to the smoke from the wildfires out west, our air quality is now being affected. Especially for inland locations, if you have asthma, or breathing difficulties, you should limit your time outdoors today. For a closer look at specific areas, you can put your zip code into the search bar here.

This might make the sky look hazy or cloudy, but the good news is it will be moving out through tomorrow so it won’t last very long. A minor impact compared to the devastation they’re seeing out west from these fires.

A cold front has pushed through the region and that will help us to be a lot cooler and less humid today! High temperatures today will be in the mid 80s and that will stick around through Saturday.

The dew points started off high this morning but they’ll drop as the day goes on, meaning we will be more comfortable! It’ll be a nice break from the heat and humidity.

The weekend forecast is looking pretty good! The rain chances for Saturday have been dropping so I know a lot of people will be headed outdoors to take advantage of some lower humidity. Enjoy!

-Meteorologist Casey Lehecka