The forecast for this weekend is tricky at best. The models have been moving the rain chances around like a triple-reverse play in football. (You see where I am going here?) It’s not all tricky though. Let’s start with today. This morning we have some scattered rain showers over northeast North Carolina and the Southside.

Few Showers This Morning

Moisture was streaming up out of the southwest ahead of a cold front. That front is slowly moving in from the west.

Regional Weather Map

Temperatures started off very mild. We had temps in the 60s since last night, and they stayed in the 60s through this morning. After the front moves through later this morning we will dry out, and the winds will turn out of the northwest. We’ll have a long stretch of dry weather today. It will actually be pretty nice out. Temps will hold in the 60s through the afternoon.

Forecast Temps Today

By this evening the front will stall out just to our south. We’ll have a few rain showers return as the moisture pushes north of the boundary.

Future Trak (This Evening)

Some of these showers will continue overnight into early tomorrow morning. However, the bulk of Saturday looks dry with most of the rain staying to our south.

Future Trak (Saturday)

During that time an area of low pressure will develop near the front. It will steadily move to the northeast through the day. By Sunday morning the low will be just to our southeast. It will push a lot of moisture and rain up into our region.

Future Trak (Sunday Morning)

During the day the low will move northeast (but offfshore). It will strengthen as it does. It will also throw a lot of the moisture back to the west. This will create a lot of rain over the area. Winds will pick up out of the northeast. We’ll be cloudy with lots of rain. There may even be a few thunderstorms over the Outer Banks.

Future Trak (Sunday Evening)

I’m hopeful that the rain showers will be more scattered as we go into the evening. I doubt they will end by game-time though. High temps will top off near 50 during the afternoon, but they will only be in the 40s by the evening.

Grilling Forecast

We could pick up an inch to an inch-and-a-half between today and midday Sunday.

Rainfall Forecast (Next 48 Hours)

Some of the scattered showers will continue into Monday morning, but the low will be moving away by that point.

Wind will pick up out of the northeast on Sunday. We could have some gusts to 35-40mph near the shore. This could lead to at least some minor tidal flooding on Sunday and possibly Monday morning. We’ll see.

There will be some snow accumulating in western Virginia and Western North Carolina this weekend. It will be mainly on Sunday.

Snowfall Forecast

Keep this in mind if you are traveling to watch the big game, or if you have friends or family coming from there.

Enjoy the show!

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler