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Future Trak (Today)

Before I get to today’s rain, I first want to talk a little about yesterday. We had a few isolated showers yesterday afternoon, but it really picked up around the metro during the evening.

Storms From Wednesday Evening

The rain fell heavy again over the Peninsula. This time the rain stretched down to parts of the Southside as well. Newport News had 2.18″ of rain.

Rain Totals

This puts the two-day total up there to over 4″. We were a little hot yesterday, but very humid. It felt much hotter than it actually was with the heat index rising to near 100 degrees.

Today, a cool front has moved into the region, and it has stalled out on top of that humid air mass.

Regional Weather Map

This will create occasional rain showers over the region, and they could be heavy at times.

Future Trak (This Afternoon)

Rain totals will vary widely, just as they have recently. Some may miss most of the rain. Some could get up to a couple of inches.

There is a chance for some localized flooding — especially if the rain sets up on the Peninsula again. As mentioned, they have had a lot of rain over the last two days there.

The chance for severe weather is low with only a marginal risk over northeast North Carolina. This is south of the front where it will be a little warmer.

High temps will be in the mid 80s with upper 80s over North Carolina. However, it won’t be refreshing as dew points are in the mid 70s both south and north of the front.

Before, it looked like the front would drift south on Friday. However, now it looks like it will bump back north a bit. This will bring us some more scattered showers and storms. Most of the models are not that wet for Friday. However, our model has really increased the rain chances for Friday afternoon. I’m going to show you it’s latest output, but A. Don’t put too much stock into it just yet, and B. Stay tuned for updates.

Future Trak (Friday Afternoon)

High temps will be more in the upper 80s tomorrow, and the heat index will be in the 90s. We should have a little more sunshine despite the chance for storms. By Saturday the front should begin to fall apart no matter where it sits. So we’ll have some isolated showers along with partly cloudy skies. High temps will be near 90. Then we’ll be partly cloudy on Sunday with highs in the low 90s. Stay tuned for updates!

In national news…There was a recent severe thunderstorm over parts of Colorado that produced some very large hail. One hail stone that was recovered ended up breaking the State Record. The diameter was 4.83″. The largest hail stone ever recorded was about 8″ in South Dakota in the year 2010.

— Meteorologist Jeremy Wheeler

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