UPDATE: 2:30PM – After an initial round of storms, we’re monitoring to see if any storms are able to fire up across western VA. Those could impact parts of our region this evening into the early overnight.


As a cold front approaches, showers and storms are expected Friday. Some could be strong. Gusty winds and heavy rain is the primary threat, but an isolated tornado can’t be ruled out.

THREATS: Strong damaging winds, heavy rain, an isolated tornado or two

TIMING: 1 p.m. to 6pm for the afternoon storms, additional storms possible late evening.

LOCATION: All of Hampton Roads and NE NC

Showers and storms developed west of Hampton Roads this morning. Additional showers are expected to develop in the humid air as we approach noon. As the main line moves east, the combination of abundant moisture and t-storm fuel will allow for them to continue into our area. Some will turn strong – with the potential to produce severe weather. Heavy rain will also be a concern, and some localized flooding is possible. 

A few waves of rain can be expected. The first wave will come through during the early afternoon. IF that sun is able to come back out and the atmosphere is able to de-stabilize again, we could see an additional cluster of storms in the late evening. Confidence is higher that we will see storms in the early afternoon. The uncertainty with the second line of storms is higher.

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If you have a family member or friend who isn’t always watching the weather, send them a quick text or give them a phone call this afternoon.

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Remember, the safest place to be in severe weather and tornadoes is on the lowest floor of your home. Keep away from windows. Put as many walls between you and the outside as possible. Cover your head with pillows or blankets.

Stay safe and informed and have a good afternoon!

Meteorologist Ricky Matthews