The short-term forecast looks pretty rosy, but unfortunately, the weekend forecast is trending wetter. Let’s talk about it. Today we have a big area of high pressure to our west. We are pretty dry at the surface, but there is a little moisture in the mid-levels that is trying to come up from the south.

Regional Weather Map

We’ll have some clouds in the region today with more clouds to the south and more clearing to the north. It should be fine weather for any travel that you do.

Travel Forecast Today

The weather should also be good for travel over most of the country. A big chunk of the U.S. will be dry today. However, there are some snow showers near the northern parts of the Great Lakes. Most of that will be in Canada this afternoon. There are a few rain showers near the Gulf coast over to Florida. Plus, there is a wintry mix over parts of the Pacific Northwest.

Travel Forecast Today

High temps will rise to the mid-upper 50s this afternoon in our area.

Today’s Forecast Temps

It should be pretty nice out overall, but clouds could be thick in a few spots.

Tomorrow we’ll have pretty similar weather. The high-pressure area will shift around a bit, and that’s about it. We’ll be partly cloudy with highs in the upper 50s. The weather should be good for travel over most of the country again. However, the mixed precip in the northwest will migrate to the Rockies. It will become scattered snow showers.

Travel Forecast (Wednesday)

We’ll have some good weather here for Thanksgiving. We’ll be partly cloudy with high temps near 60. If you are traveling on Thanksgiving keep in mind that there will be some rain and possible storms over the Mississippi and Tennessee River Valleys.

GFS Model Thursday

By Friday that weather system will move east. It will be a cold front, but that front will stall out before it gets here. The models have handled this differently along with the amount of moisture coming up from the south. For instance yesterday the Euro model had a lot of rain in our region on Friday with the GFS staying pretty dry. Today, they are coming into better agreement. They are showing a couple of spotty showers in the morning with some scattered showers later in the day.

GFS Model Friday

For now, the weather looks drier on Saturday with only some isolated showers. It looks much wetter on Sunday as another system moves in. I’m going to leave it at that for now since the models have already changed the timing and coverage of the rain since yesterday. I’ll try to give you a good idea of the weekend forecast in tomorrow’s weather blog as it will be more in range of the finer models.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler