Many folks heading out the door this morning most likely said the same thing. “Oh no. Here we go again!”. We had more clouds, more fog, and some more drizzle over most of the area.

Tower Cam This Morning

However, some inland locations did have the sun pop out ealry. So there were some exceptions.

Camera At Yorktown This Morning

The good news is that things should improve for everybody this afternoon. The annoying area of low pressure that has been around for days is finally falling apart offshore. High pressure is edging a bit closer from the northwest.

Regional Weather Map

We’ll have clearing skies this afternoon for those that started with clouds. Winds will be light and out of the northeast. This will let the high temps run up to the mid 70s with some upper 70s to near 80 inland.

Forecast Temps Today

All-in-all it should be a nice day. Tomorrow, there will be a cold front moving in from the north. It won’t arrive until the evening though. However, instead of a southwest wind ahead of it like usual, our winds will pick up out of the northeast. They will run at 10-15mph with gusts up to 20mph. We’ll have a mix of sun and clouds with some spotty showers. Unfortunately, this setup has prompted the forecast models to drop the temps. I think we’ll be in the low 70s during the afternoon with some 60s near the shore. There may be a few spots near 80 inland.

The front will move through Saturday evening. I think it will bring in some drizzle and a few showers, but it doesn’t look like we’ll have any heavy rain anymore. The problem is that we’ll get another shot of cool air along the east coast. So our high temps on Sunday will probably only be in the upper 60s with some low 70s inland.

Forecast Temps Sunday

No surprise…It will be warmer to our west.

We’ll have clearing skies in the morning, and we should have a good amount of sunshine in the afternoon. So it will be cool and breezy both days for the Hampton Black Beard Festival and the Virginia Beach Jackalope festival.

Over the weekend there may be some minor tidal flooding over the southern Chesapeake Bay.

Possible Nuisance/Minor Tidal Flooding

There may be some moderate tidal flooding along the Outer Banks.

Moderate Tidal Flooding Possible

Check back for updates on that over the weekend. It’s due to the increasing northeast wind. Speaking of wind… There was a tropical depression down in the Gulf of Mexico this morning.

Gulf Of Mexico Satellite/Radar

It formed yesterday evening, but it hadn’t changed much in 24 hours. You may notice that most of the rotating winds were southwest of the big cluster of showers and storms. This was due to some dry air and moderate wind shear. It’s a sign of a weak system. The forecast calls for Tropical depression 2 to stay as a depression as it sinks slowly to the south.

Track of T.D. 2

The National Hurricane Center has it then falling apart over western Cuba in a couple of days. There is a low chance that it could briefly become a tropical storm. However, it wouldn’t likely last long. It has brought some flooding to Florida already. They will have some more rain today even though the center will stay offshore.

This isn’t connected, but there was also some bad flooding in western Texas recently. Here is an article with more info and some video: Texas Flooding.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler