Yesterday was very nice out! There was a lot of filtered sunshine. High temps were in the low 80s. The humidity was LOW!

High Temperatures Yesterday

I mentioned “filtered” sunshine. It’s true that the smoke from the Canadian wildfires has returned to our region. However, it has stayed aloft. This has created a thin haze along with some thin clouds high in the sky. These have made for some pretty sunrises and sunsets. There have also been some occasional fair weather cumulus clouds. Today we’ll still have that haze feature. (air quality at the surface will be fine). However, we’ll also have increasing clouds through the day. High pressure was just to our west yesterday, and so we enjoyed a nice northeast breeze. Today the high is sliding offshore. So our winds will be light and out of the south.

Regional Weather Map

While clouds will increase today the dry air should keep most of the rain showers closer to I-95 through the mid afternoon.

Rain Chance Through Late Afternoon

Dew points should remain in the upper 50s to low 60s.

Dew Point Forecast

High temps will rise to the mid 80s.

Forecast Temps Today

Some isolated showers will be possible this evening. We could be mostly cloudy by the evening commute. Then we will be mostly cloudy overnight with scattered rain showers.

Tomorrow high pressure will move farther offshore. We’ll have a cool front to our northwest. Deep moisture will start pumping into the region.

Muggy Meter

I think there will also be a weak upper level disturbance moving through the region. So we’ll have scattered rain showers at times.

Future Trak Tomorrow

It won’t be a washout, but there will be scattered showers at times. With the extra clouds and scattered showers our high temps will only be near 80 degrees.

Forecast Temps Tomorrow

As we head into the weekend we’ll start to heat up some more. We’ll be in the mid-upper 80s on Saturday. As of right now it doesn’t look like we’ll see much rain, but I do have some isolated showers for that day. Sunday’s forecast is a bit tricky. We will have a cool front drop down into our area, then it will quickly bounce back north as a warm front. So I have high temps near 90 for that day with very little rain. Remember…It will be muggy from late tomorrow into early next week. High temps may jump to the mid 90s on Monday.

In world news… It is Winter in the southern hemisphere, but parts of South America feel like Summer right now. Temps over parts of Chile and Argentina could be in the triple digits. Here is the article with more information: Winter Heatwave Southern Hemisphere. This goes along with the recent heatwaves over other portions of the world lately.

Also, there has been severe rain and flooding in China recently. This was from a decaying tropical system. It dropped about 30 inches of rainfall within a few days near Beijing. This has created deadly flooding that has killed at least 21 people. Severe flooding has also impacted other parts of the world lately including several areas in the U.S. Here is the article from A.P. News about the flooding in China: China Extreme Flooding.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler