“Steady as she goes”. It’s a famous saying, a movie quote, and a song title but that is what our weather will be for a while. There will be some warming on Thursday, but there won’t be any huge ups or downs any time soon.

Today we have high pressure in the region. We are on the edge of a cold/dry air mass.

Regional Weather Map

While we are dry at the surface there will be a thin layer of moisture stretching into our area from the west. This will bring us a thin veil of clouds through the day. Some of these already started to move in this morning.

Tower Cam This Morning

We’ll have enough sunshine to warm us up from the 20s and 30s this morning to near 50 this afternoon.

Forecast Temps Today

We’ll have similar weather tomorrow. Then we’ll warm up on Thursday. The breeze will pick up out of the south with a mix of sun and clouds. That should push high temps up to the low 60s.

Temperature Trend

There will be increasing moisture on Thursday. We’ll have a mix of sun and clouds with precip to our west. Then by Thursday evening there will be some rain moving into our area.

GFS Model Thursday Night

The timing of the precip has changed….again. Now it looks like the rain will mostly fall Thursday evening into early Friday morning.

GFS Model Friday Morning

Yesterday, it looked like the rain would cover most of the day on Friday. Now it looks like it will fall mostly on Thursday night and move out by mid-Friday morning.

So we should dry out late Friday into the weekend. High temps will drop to the 50s on Friday. Then we’ll only be in the upper 40s over the weekend.

Meanwhile they are still getting slammed over on the west coast. This morning I was watching the radar. They actually had a tornado warning and several severe thunderstorm warnings.

Western Radar

Also, the snow has really stacked up. One part of the Sierra Nevada had almost 100 inches of snow.

Snow Depth

Unfortunately, this is going to continue for a few more day. However, they look to dry out in the long range. You may want to send a prayer their way, because it is going to stay rough for a while.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler