School is just around the corner for many. Luckily the weather is still looking good over the next few days if you are hoping to get outdoors or head to the beach. However, we will keep having our typical late Summer heat and humidity. Actually, there have been some years when late August is super hot and humid. Temps this week have been pretty close to average. So things could be worse.

Today we have a stationary front to our south with high pressure to our northwest. There is a cool front over the Midwest.

Regional Weather Map

We’ll be partly cloudy through the day with only some isolated showers or storms popping up in the afternoon. Clouds will increase a bit by the evening, but the rain chance shouldn’t go up. High temps will be in the upper 80s with a couple of 90s inland.

Forecast Temps Today

The average high temps are in the mid-upper 80s for this time of year. The heat index will be near 90 over much of the region this afternoon.

Tomorrow we’ll have almost a repeat of today. However, the humidity will go up a bit more as the wind turns out of the south.

On Saturday we’ll be partly cloudy again, but that cool front will be moving towards the region. So the rain chances may go up late in the day into the evening. We’ll see. That will depend on how fast that front moves, and as of right now it is very slow moving. High temps will be in the upper 80s.

We should cool down slightly on Sunday with high temps in the mid 80s. If we’re lucky, then the humidity should drop a little bit. At least briefly. We’ll be partly cloudy with only some isolated showers or storms. We’ll probably heat up some more next week. High temps might be more in the 90s by mid-week. We’ll see.

There are still a couple of weak tropical disturbances in the Atlantic. They both have a low chance of formation over the next few days as they move generally to the west.

Tropical Satellite

The weather is still good for the ECSC. Waves today will be near 2 feet. It looks like they will increase a bit tomorrow.


Unfortunately, they may drop again Saturday and Sunday to 1-2 feet. Cross your fingers.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler