If you caught my weather this morning then you probably noticed that my voice was rough. I caught a cold last Thursday. I rested over the weekend. However, my voice got a little rough yesterday during midday. I took some strong medicine, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the raspy voice. Anyway, as the title states… My voice was rough, and travel in the region could also be rough today. We already had a few scattered showers this morning. We’ll have an increasing chance of rain through the day.

Future Trak This Afternoon

The rain will cover the eastern third of the country this afternoon. There may even be some thunderstorms south of here.

Travel Forecast
Travel Forecast

High temps will be in the 60s as a warm front lifts to our north.

Regional Weather Map

Tonight we’ll have the cold front move into the region. There could be a few strong storms overnight as it gets closer.

Future Trak (Tonight)

There will be some heavy rain and strong gusty winds. We can’t rule out an isolated tornado to the south, but it’s a low chance.

The rain will likely still be here in the morning. A few storms could linger early. That will impact travel as well as the morning commute.

Future Trak (Tomorrow Morning)

The showers should decrease through the day. There might even be a little clearing.

Future Trak (Wednesday Afternoon)

A few showers could linger between the late afternoon into the evening. Temps will start in the 60s, but they will drop to the 50s.

Luckily a lot of the country will dry out for travel tomorrow and for Thanksgiving.

Travel Forecast Tomorrow

We’ll be dry, cool, and breezy here for Thanksgiving. Highs will be in the 50s. We’ll be dry and cool on Friday as well. We’ll have quiet weather this weekend, but some isolated showers will be possible.

Safe travels.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler