It wasn’t enough to end our regional drought, but yesterday we did get some beneficial rain. It was a nice soaking rain that put down about a quarter to a half an inch of rainfall over the area.

Rainfall Totals

The rain started up in the early afternoon. Then it continued until early this morning. After the rain there was some clearing. This let the temperatures cool down to the dew point, and that allowed fog to form over the region. It was thick in some locations, but not too bad in others.

Fog On Camera This Morning
Camera At Norfolk International

The area of low pressure is moving out to sea, and a stationary front is starting to drift a little to the southeast.

Regional Weather Map

We’ll have clearing skies today with pretty nice weather. Winds will pick up out of the northwest. Some of the gusts could be up to 20mph. This will keep the temps down a bit. Highs will be in the low 50s.

Forecast Temps Today

Temps and weather will stay steady for most of the week. Highs will be be in the 50s through mid-week. Then we’ll aim for 60 on Thursday.

Temperature Trend

By Friday a cold front will move into the region. This will bring us a big area of rain again. High temps will drop to the 50s. I’ll have more details on that in tomorrow’s weather blog.

In world news… It just came out recently that the U.K. had its warmest year on record. The average annual temperature was over 10 degrees C (50 degrees F) for the first time. This beat the previous record set back in 2014. Here is the article with more information: U.K. warmest year on record.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler