We are looking good today for your Valentine’s weather. Whether you have big plans with a loved one, or you are alone hoping to just enjoy some time outside. The weather should be pleasant for either one. We have a weak cool front that is gliding to our southeast (offshore). There is also a strong area of high pressure building in overhead.

Regional Weather Map

We had a ton of sunshine this morning. Temps started in the 30s with a few 40s. However, the strong sunshine today and light winds should allow lots of warming. So we will aim for the upper 50s this afternoon with a couple of 60s inland/south.

Forecast Temps Today

It also helps that we are very dry outside. Dew points have dropped back down into the 20s and 30s. It takes less heat to warm up dry air compared to humid air. Having said all that… On occasion there will be a light breeze off of the water. Remember, the water temps are mainly in the 40s right now.

Water Temperatures

So even a light breeze off the water will cool down the air near the shore.

Tomorrow will be a different story. High pressure will move offshore. This allow the winds to pick up out of the southwest. They will gust up to 20-25mph at times. We’ll still be pretty dry at the surface, but moisture will increase aloft. This means that we’ll have partly to mostly cloudy skies through the day. There should be enough sun and breeze to push our high temps to near 70 degrees.

Forecast Temps Tomorrow

It will be unseasonably warm over the eastern half of the country over the next 2-3 days.

Temperature Departure From Average

The heat will increase for us even more on Thursday. Low temps will start in the 50s, and high temps will rise to the low-mid 70s.

Forecast Temps Thursday

We will warm up well above average, but we will likely be shy of the record which is 77 degrees (1990). There will be a mix of sun and clouds. There could be some isolated showers near the region, but I think most of them will stay to our north and west.

Friday will be a different story. A slow moving cold front will enter the area. We’ll have lots of moisture and mild temps already in place. So there will be a lot of rain through the day. It could become a washout.

GFS Model Friday

It may move out by Friday evening, but we’ll see. Temps will probably start in the 60s, but may fall to the 50s. Then we’ll be chilly and dry on Saturday with highs in the 40s. We’ll warm up again a bit by Sunday.

Before I go… There has been a lot of talk about UFOs and weather balloons lately for ummmm no reason. Here is a link that talks about actual weather balloons that the National Weather Service uses. National Weather Service weather balloons.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler