We started heating up yesterday. High temps made it into the 70s over most of the region. This was after a 2nd stretch of cool weather that occurred over the last 2 weeks.

High Temps Last 2 Weeks

Today we are going to warm up even more. We have high pressure just offshore. This is giving us a lot of sunshine with a light southwest wind.

Regional Weather Map

Under the strong October sunshine we’ll warm up to near 80 degrees this afternoon. There will be some upper 70s near the shore.

Forecast Temps Today

The record high for today is 83 degrees which was set back in 1939. At least the humidity isn’t too bad. It’s not as dry as a couple of days ago, but dew points in the 50s are still pretty good. The humidity should stay pretty comfortable over the next few days, but it may be a bit humid at times over the weekend.

Humidity Forecast

High temps will run up into the low 80s tomorrow through Sunday with lots of sunshine. It will be a 2nd Summer mini-heat wave.

Temperature Forecast

Some much colder air is forecast to move in by next Tuesday. Early indications are that we’ll have high temps in the upper 50s with mid 50s possible by the evening for Halloween. The wind could be strong and gusty through that time as well as a cold front will quickly sink to our south. The front may bring us a few rain showers to the area between Monday evening and early Tuesday morning, but we should dry out by later Tuesday. This is a few days out. We’ll have more details on the trick-or-treat forecast over the next 3-4 days.

Tammy is now a post-tropical area of low pressure. However, it still has hurricane-forced winds.

Tammy On Satellite

It is moving slowly to the north. It will move west, and then it should hook back to the east over the next few days.

Track Of Tammy

It will impact Bermuda with some rain, wind, and waves. However, they should be spared any hurricane forced winds. We will have some waves here, but they won’t be too bad. There may be some 3-5 ft waves over the Outer Banks by tomorrow.

Wave Forecast

It could be some very nice surf.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler