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Yesterday the area’s temperatures hit the mid 90s over much of the region. That was with a deck of clouds during the morning and some isolated showers before midday. Today, we will have mostly sunny skies from start to finish. So we will be even hotter!

High temps will rise to the mid-upper 90s this afternoon. The dew points are in the mid-upper 60s with a few spots near 70. That number could actually be worse.

Still…the combined heat and humidity will make it feel like 100 degrees today. They will be in the low 100s inland. High pressure is in the region with a warm front well to the north.

This setup is why we’ll have so much sunshine today. The record high temp for today is 97 degrees (1941). We’ll probably tie or break that record. Be sure to stay well hydrated. Take plenty of breaks if you are working outdoors. Bring in the pets, and check on the elderly. 

While we’ll have lots of sunshine today. There may be some isolated showers and storms this evening.  Then we’ll be mostly clear overnight. Lows will be in the upper 70s. 

Tomorrow will just about be a repeat of today. Lots of sun, heat, and humidity during the day. Highs will be in the mid-upper 90s. The heat index will be around 100 (98-103 degrees). 

There may be some more scattered showers and storms tomorrow evening. They could be on the strong side at that time.  These will be ahead of a cool front that will arrive by Friday morning. We will be cooler on Friday with highs in the upper 80s, but this will still be well above the average high of 79 degrees.  We’ll be partly cloudy with some isolated showers and storms possible in the afternoon.

Over the weekend, we will be cooler with more cloud cover and a chance for some scattered showers and storms. The GFS model lowered the rain chances for Saturday, but increased them on Sunday.  I think this is due to a second cold front arriving that day.  Highs will be in the 80s this weekend. Then we’ll be at a cooler 79 degrees for the high on Monday with partly cloudy skies. Won’t that be nice?

We do need some rain. We are down 0.88″ for the month according to the National Weather Service.

However, since March 1st we are running a deficit of 2.3 inches behind the average. They have had some rain recently just north of Hampton Roads. My weather watcher (Jan in Reedville) said that she had over an inch of rain the other day. There has also been some rain around the Middle Peninsula, Eastern Shore and parts of the peninsula.

So they are not as needy as folks in Hampton Roads and in North Carolina.  

Things are quiet in the tropics right now. I did see a new article that talked about how the forecast “Cone of uncertainty” will be a little smaller this year. That is good news. However, there is talk in the article about how we may be approaching the limit as to how small that cone can be in the future. Here is the link for more information: Hurricane Cone In The Future.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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