We just wrapped up the month of November. It feels like it went very fast. Didn’t it??? Anyway, the month ended up almost 2 and a half degrees above average.

High Temps In November

There was definitely a cool streak, but I guess the warm streaks were longer and stronger in the end. I will say that my grass is doing very well, and I’ve been debating on cutting it again. Temps are a factor in that, but so is rainfall. We ended up close to average for the month in the end.

November Rainfall

We picked up over 3 tenths of an inch yesterday in Norfolk. Most locations had about 0.1″ to 0.2″. It was mild with high temps in the low 60s.

Today we will have a lot of chilly sunshine in the region.

Tower Cam This Morning

The cold front has moved well offshore. High pressure is building into the area from the west.

Regional Weather Map

We’ll have a northwest breeze through the day pulling down some seasonably cold and dry air. High temps will only be in the upper 40s to low 50s this afternoon.

Forecast Temperatures Today

Winds will gust up to 20mph through the early afternoon, but they will taper off a bit by the mid-late afternoon. Dew points have dropped to the teens and 20s.

Tomorrow we’ll have a pretty nice day for early December. High temps will be in the mid 50s with lots of sunshine. Winds will be much lighter and out of the south/southeast.

Unfortunately, it looks like the rain on Saturday has sped up (a trend lately). The models now show a few rain showers by Saturday morning. This could already impact some holiday parades.

Future Trak (Saturday Morning)

Then rain showers look to pick up during the afternoon.

Future Trak (Saturday Afternoon)

They do move out the rain by the evening. So there’s some concession. Also, it should be warmer. High temps will rise to the 60s. We’ll cool down and dry out again on Sunday. Highs will drop to the upper 40s to low 50s.

If we keep up this progressive (fast moving) pattern, then it’s possible that we’ll see some snow a little earlier this year. The best chances for snow during the year are typically in January and February. We’ll see what mid-late December brings.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler