The National Hurricane Center has strengthened the forecast for Hurricane Ida as the storm moves into the Gulf of Mexico this weekend.

Landfall is expected Sunday night

Flooding will be a major problem for New Orleans and surrounding communities if the storm follows this track. The strong wind and chances for storm surge and major tidal flooding will be possible for the region. If you have friends or family in this area, tell them to watch the latest from their local meteorologists!

Possible Storm Surge (SLOSH model)

For us in Hampton Roads, leftover rain is expected.

Extended track for Ida

The wind speeds will be only 25 mph Wednesday afternoon, so once it gets here, it will be even weaker.

Future Trak Thursday next week.

The long range models bring us 1.0″ to 1.5″ of rain from the leftovers of Ida next week. Meteorologist Casey Lehecka and Steve Fundaro will have the latest on Ida this weekend on our newscasts.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson