The numbers are out from NOAA’s hurricane season prediction, and they predict a near normal season with the following number of storms.

They came up with their numbers taking into account the persistent El Nino, or warmer waters off the coast of South America. With this happening, this should give us a near normal season.

One takeaway I always want to remind everyone is that a hurricane season is always a big deal if the storms make landfall or not. This prediction doesn’t include that, so as we go through the upcoming hurricane season, look for where the position of the Bermuda High. Where that is, can help steer the storms out to sea, up the East Coast, or push them in to the Gulf of Mexico.

There are other factors than can help destroy a hurricane like speed shear or the change in wind speed with height in the atmosphere. If there is more shear, the storm can be ripped apart! However, don’t worry about looking up where the high is or what the shear levels are; all of us in the weather department will do that analysis and prediction of any storms that do develop this season, so stay tuned!

Meteorologist: Jeff Edmondson