Pretty standard summertime weather is expected this weekend. It’ll be hot, humid, and there will be a chance of an afternoon or evening storm. That’s pretty much what we expect most late July and early August afternoons across the region.

The thing most people will notice today is the heat – with heat index values around 100 to 105 in spots this afternoon.

Rain chances overall today are around 20-30%. Don’t cancel any plans. The highest chances will be across parts of NE NC into the late afternoon and evening. Since it’s Summer and since there’s a lot of moisture (humidity) in the air, any storm could put down a quick half an inch of rain in a downpour it brings.

If you’re heading to the beach today, you may be shocked at how cool the water is especially in the northern OBX and southern Virginia Beach. Upwelling, where cooler, nutrient rich water is brought to the surface is occurring. This happens when a wind, often out of the south or southwest blows the shallow warm layer of surface water away from the coast. As this happens, colder water replaces it from below. So for the beaches of Kitty Hawk, Southern Shore, Duck, Corolla, Carova Beach and Sandbridge- the water will likely be much cooler.

Hope you have a great weekend! 
Meteorologist Ricky Matthews

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