The weather looks great today! This is actually my favorite weather during the year. Temps start to warm in the afternoons, but the mornings are still fairly cool. The air is still fairly dry, and the mugginess hasn’t set in yet. Pollen levels tend to drop in May (usually at the end of May). There is a freshness to the air. So we started off with lots of sunshine. There were some high/thin cirrus clouds.

Tower Cam

Some of those high thin clouds contain some smoke from wildfires in Canada, but that will stay aloft. Plus it is very thin anyway. So expect lots of sun with a light southwest wind today. High pressure is to our north.

Regional Weather Map

High temps will climb to near 80 this afternoon. This is just a few degrees above average.

Forecast Temps Today

Tomorrow the wind will be just a bit stronger out of the southwest. We’ll have partly cloudy skies. So temps will warm a bit more. They’ll be in the mid 80s.

Forecast Temps Tomorrow

Humidity will climb a bit as well, but the slightly stronger breeze should offset how it feels. With the extra moisture there will be some isolated showers in the afternoon, but I think they’ll be mainly north of the area. We’ll be in the 80s on Saturday. We’ll have a mix of sun and clouds through the day. There will be a few showers and storms possible during the afternoon, but the bigger chance for rain will likely be in the evening.

Future Trak (Saturday Evening)

This will be ahead of a cold front that will cool us down on Sunday. A few showers may linger into Sunday morning, but most of the day looks dry. High temps will be knocked down to the 70s. I think most of the day will be decent for the moms out there, but stay tuned for updates.

In world news…The drought in the western U.S. has been alleviated with record rainfall. Of course now as the snow melts out west they will likely (and ironically have flooding). However, there is another part of the world that has not had any relief lately. Spain. They are in the middle of a historic drought. The main source of drinking water for Barcelona is affected. Here is the article with more information: Drought in Spain.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler