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Warm temperatures are back in the forecast. Since yesterday, an area of high pressure has moved a little east. This is allowing winds to pick up out of the southwest.

As you know, that is a warming wind here in Hampton Roads That will partner with partly cloudy skies to push high temperatures up to the upper 80s this afternoon. There will a couple of 90s inland/south.  Luckily the humidity isn’t too bad.  Dew points are in the 50s. They may rise to near 60, but shouldn’t be much higher than that. 

Now, if you look at the above graphic, you will also notice a cluster of thunderstorms over West Virginia. There will be a couple of clusters of storms near the Ohio River Valley that will drop southeast today and tonight. While they will encounter some dry air and an area of high pressure as they approach our region, some of them may be able to survive. The first round will come in the early afternoon. Storms should be more isolated by the time they reach here, but there is a higher chance for rain and storms just northwest of Hampton Roads.

The second round of showers and storms will arrive this evening. I think a few more of those could survive their southeast trek. Some of those showers and storms could be a little stronger. 

There is a marginial risk for parts of our area with a slight risk between Middlesex county and Richmond. 

There are a lot of outdoor events that will be taking place this afternoon and evening. So please keep your eye on the WAVY weather app or to the National Weather Service just in case some of those storms survive. 

Tomorrow, there will be a wind-shift in the region. Winds will be easterly off the water. So temps will drop a bit. We’ll be in the upper 70s to low 80s in the region with mid 80s inland/west. Skies will be partly cloudy with some isolated showers. 

We’ll be warmer again on Sunday with highs in the upper 80s. We’ll probably have a little more clouds with some scattered showers in and out through the day. However, I only have the chance for rain at 30% for now. So there shouldn’t be too much. Check back for updates if you have outdoor plans.

We’ll be warm again on Monday with highs in the upper 80s. We’ll cool down to the 70s on Tuesday, but we’ll warm up again by later next week. There’s definitely a Summery feel out there. Even though Summer doesn’t officially start for another month. Course Memorial Day is kind of the unofficial start of Summer. 

Before I go…I found this interesting article about flooding in Chicago. The article claims that flooding over the last decade has been so bad in that region that only areas affected by hurricanes have had more federal aid.  This is a long term problem as their aging sewer system has more and more trouble handling heavy rain. Also flooding has become more prominent ove the last 30 years. There was recent flooding there in April that put down about 2 months’ worth of rain in just 2 days. The problem is that there isn’t a lot of national attention about this despite estimates of billions of dollars in damge. This is an interesting topic. Here is the article with more information:

Chicago Flooding Over the Last Decade.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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