The weather was great this morning! We had lots of sunshine with temps mainly in the 60s.

Tower Cam

It was a good morning to go for a walk along the beach or to get some exercise at the local parks.

Today we are going to have an early Summer feel to the weather. It will be warm and little humid. High temps will aim for the mid 80s this afternoon.

Forecast Temps Today

This is about 10 degrees above average. Humidity will come up a little bit too. I’d say that it will be moderately humid, but it won’t feel too bad due to a nice/steady breeze out of the southwest. Water temps are in the low 60s at the oceanfront, but it’s in the mid-upper 60s over the bay now. It’s in the low 70s near Oregon Inlet.

Water Temps

High pressure is just offshore. There is a stationary front far to the west.

Regional Weather Map

Tomorrow the high pressure will move a little farther offshore. A cold front will be moving closer to us from the north. We’ll be warm and humid with highs in the low-mid 80s, but extra cloud cover should keep the temps down just a bit compared to today. We’ll have a few showers and isolated thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. However, the chance will go up in the evening as the cold front arrives.

Future Trak (Saturday Evening)

The good news is that we should dry out by early Sunday morning. So the day looks good for those celebrating their moms for the day. We’ll be partly cloudy with high temps in the low 70s.

Mother’s Day Forecast

Monday could be a little tricky. The models are disagreeing on the rain chances. Some of them have a cluster of showers and thunderstorms dropping in fast from the northwest. Some have very little rain. We’ll see. Stay tuned for updates on it over the weekend.

In national news…There was some more severe weather over the Plains states yesterday afternoon and evening. Several tornadoes were reported. They caused lots of damaged and at least 3 deaths. Here is an article with more information: Central U.S. tornadoes.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler