Well any warm air that we enjoyed recently is long gone, and it looks like it will be gone for a while. Over the weekend we did get the big cold front which slid through the area. It brought us a big cool down, and it also brought us some much needed rainfall. That first front is now offshore, but a second cold front was slowly sinking through the area.

Regional Weather Map

This created a few light rain showers through the morning commute. The rain didn’t add up to anything more than a few hundredths of an inch, but it is still good to keep wettening the ground. The front will steadily sink to our south today. This will reinforce the cool air that is in place. High temps will only rise to the low 60s.

Forecast Temps Today

We’ll pull down some drier weather through the day. So skies will become partly cloudy this afternoon. Winds will stay out of the north/northeast at 5-15mph. Tonight we’ll be mostly clear to partly cloudy with light north winds. Low temps will chill down to the low 40s with a couple of upper 30s possible in a few inland locations.

Tomorrow we’ll be cool and dry with high temps once again in the low 60s. We’ll stay dry on Wednesday as high temps climb a little into the upper 60s.

Forecast Temps Wednesday

Things get tricky later this week, and that is not good news for the forecast for Something in the Water. The models have a couple of systems moving through the region, and they are changing their tune on timing and placement. The GFS model this morning has rain moving in on Thursday, and then it keeps some scattered showers in the area on Friday.

GFS Model Thursday
GFS Model Friday

Meanwhile the European model has things dry through most of Thursday. However, it has quite a bit of rain from late Thursday night into Friday.

Euro Model Thursday
European Model Friday

At least, as of right now, I don’t see any really bad weather. Having said that it may become breezy with some steady rain for a while, but we’ll see.

I won’t even try detailing next Saturday and Sunday yet, but I will try and take a stab at it tomorrow. For now just know that I have at least a few scattered rain showers each day, but no washouts.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler