Today we will have some cooler and drier weather working into the area. A cool front has moved far offshore. High pressure is off to our northwest.

Regional Weather Map

Dew points have dropped to the low-mid 50s with a few upper 40s. We started off with a nice fresh morning with some high/thin clouds and a few contrails.

Tower Cam This Morning

As we go through the day some mid-upper level humidity will increase from the southwest. This setup will produce increasing clouds here. It will definitely be grayer this afternoon. The wind will be steady out of the north. So high temps will be in the mid-upper 60s.

Forecast Temps Today

While this is cooler than yesterday it will still be a degree or two above average. Tomorrow we’ll have a mix of sun and clouds over the region. The wind will be light, but it will turn more out of the northeast and east. This will allow some moisture to work in at the surface. So there will be some isolated rain showers tomorrow. I only have the chance of rain at 20%. This could happen in the morning and again in the afternoon. High temps will warm up a little. They will run in the upper 60s to low 70s.

By Friday the high pressure system will shift around a big. We’ll have a mix of sun and clouds. I’m keeping rain out of the forecast for now. High temps will be in the low 70s. It should be pretty nice. Then over the weekend we’ll develop more of a south wind. High temps are currently aiming for the upper 70s. We’ll probably have a few 80s inland.

Temperature Trend

We’ll be mostly dry, but some isolated showers could pop in on Sunday.

The tropics are busy again. We have 2 tropical systems that we are tracking. Hurricane Lisa is in the western Caribbean. Tropical storm Martin is over the central Atlantic.

Tropical Satellite

Hurricane Lisa is over some warm ocean water.

Sea Surface Temps

It has some fuel to maintain strength before landfall. It’s landfall is forecast over Belize later today. Then it will affect northern Guatemala and parts of Mexico.

Track Of Lisa

It could roam back over water over the Bay of Campeche in a few days. It could meander there for a day or two. There’s a low potential for restrengthening.

Meanwhile tropical storm Martin is in the central Atlantic. It’s interesting because it is moving over some cooler waters, but it is forecast to become a hurricane soon. There are some favorable upper level winds to help keep Martin strong. Plus, the fast motion of the storm will add to the overall wind speed. Finally, Martin looks like it is turning into a hybrid storm. So it may become a hurricane, but it could turn eventually into a powerful nor’easter with hurricane forced winds.

Track Of Martin

While it will probably stay out to sea. It will likely bring us some higher waves by the weekend. Stay tuned for updates.

Meteorologist; Jeremy Wheeler