Yesterday afternoon was hot and humid as expected. We had our last day of high temps in the 90s for a while. However, the high heat and humidity along with a cool front just to our north created some heavy downpours in the region. During the late afternoon into the early evening there were a few strong storms in the area. We even had a couple of wind damage reports.

Storm/Flooding Reports

Unfortunately, this lead to one death near Williamsburg as a tree limb fell onto a moving vehicle. There were also some street flooding over the area as heavy downpours developed.

Heavy Rain Yesterday

Since then the showers have tapered off to some spotty showers. The cool front has slowed down, but a stronger front to the north is still moving steadily to the south.

Regional Weather Map

High pressure is pretty far to the southeast.

We are cooling down today. High temps will be in the mid 80s this afternoon. However, the drier air is still to the north.

Forecast Temps Today
Dew Points

We’ll have lots of clouds today with scattered rain showers re-developing. There will also be some more thunderstorms this afternoon.

Future Trak (This Afternoon)

There is no wind shear (upper level support) for storms. Also, the clouds should hang around for most of the day. So there shouldn’t be a lot of instability unlike yesterday. However, the deep moisture and the front might create a few downpours again. This could happen between the late afternoon into the evening, but they should be more scattered than yesterday.

Future Trak (This Evening)

We’ll still have a few showers overnight. Some of the heavier rain will probably drop south into North Carolina. Then tomorrow we’ll gradually dry out as the second front pushes south. The front and an upper level trough will still create a few showers in the area. However, there shouldn’t be any storms, and the rain should be light. High temps will be in the lower 80s.

Forecast Temps Tomorrow

We’ll finally flush out the humidity and dry out over the weekend. Dew points will drop to the 50s.

Muggy Meter

High temps will be near 80 or in the low 80s. Low temps will be in the 60s.

That weak disturbance in the central Atlantic has gotten even weaker. So now it barely has a chance to develop as the upper level winds are increasing, and it is encountering dry air to the north.

Tropical Satellite

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler