Yesterday we ended up getting those scattered rain showers as expected.

Scattered Showers Yesterday

This didn’t really add much to the totals. So far this month we’ve only had a trace of rain (course we just started the month). However, we are already almost a half of an inch in the hole.

Hampton Roads Climate: Rainfall

We finished April up a little above average for the rainfall as we picked up a good bit in the last week of the month.

Rainfall For April

However, we are down over 2 inches for the year so far. The bottom line…we are good in the short term, but we need more rain in the long term.

Going forward there will be some changes to our weather pattern. The big low that has been lingering to our north is now slowly sliding offshore.

Regional Weather Map

High pressure is to our west, and it is moving slowly towards our area. The breeze is up out of the northwest between these large systems. We’ll have some gusts to 20mph. It shouldn’t be as windy as yesterday, but it will definitely be a cool breeze. High temps will be in the mid 60s this afternoon.

Forecast Temps Today

There will be some isolated rain showers possible today, but the bulk of the day will be partly cloudy.

Tomorrow the weather looks pretty good. The low should be out to sea, and high pressure will be a little closer. So I’m keeping the region partly cloudy with high temps forecast to be near 70. It will be a good start to the weekend. Over the weekend the weather still looks decent. High pressure will be around. However, there will be some overunning to our southwest. We might be on the edge of that. So I’ve kept a low chance for a local shower for for late Saturday into Sunday morning. However, the chance may go up or down a bit. So check back for updates. Either way high temps will warm to the upper 60s to low 70s. We’ll stay warm into early next week.

In world news… I caught a recent article about mass deaths of animals in the world. It’s a grim subject, but one that is tied to climate change and disease. I occasionally hear or read some info about the subject, but I also hear different perspectives about it. This article looks at some recent deaths, and it has some interesting/specific examples. Here is the long article with more information: Mass animal deaths across the world.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler