Last night wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be for trick-or-treating. (To a degree). It was chilly, and there was a lot of light rain. However, the breeze wasn’t too bad, and it didn’t rain the entire time. I was surprised at the turnout.

We really needed some rain. For the month of October we only had 1.19″ of rainfall. This was about 2.7″ below the average.

October Precipitation

We only had a few hundredths of an inch up to a tenth of an inch.

Rain Reports

A lot of people try to plant grass see this time of year. It’s called Fall planting. The meager amounts of rain didn’t help. We are going to go into a cold/dry streak. It could be cold enough to freeze the sprouts. This is after the hot streak that just wrapped up yesterday.

October High Temperatures

High temps today will only rise to the low-mid 50s.

Forecast Temps Today

The average high temps are in the upper 60s. We’ll have fair skies through the day. However, the wind will be up out of the north. It will run at 10-20mph with some gusts to 30mph.

Wind Gust Forecast

The winds will start coming down this evening. Overnight the winds will go to 10-15mph. However, the temps are going to crash. We’ll have clear skies and dry air in place. So low temps will drop to the upper 30s near the shore. They will be in the low-mid 30s in most other locations.

Tonight’s Forecast

There may even be a few upper 20s to the west. This has prompted Freeze Warnings from the National Weather Service.

Freeze Warnings

So it’s time to bring in the potted plants if you haven’t already. If you still haven’t ran your heat yet this season, then test it out during the day in case you have issues. Also, cover up any sensitive plants outside. Pansies can take the cold, but mums don’t do well in a frost. Let alone a freeze.

After the cold start tomorrow we’ll try to warm up through the day. We’ll have lots of sunshine, but high temps will only be able to make it into the mid 50s. The wind won’t be too strong, but it will be out of the northeast.

We’ll have another cold morning Friday. It may get close to Thursday’s lows. We’ll see. However, we’ll have a south wind on Friday and Saturday. So high temps will rise to the 60s in the afternoons. We’ll probably hit the 70s on Sunday. It should be a nice/dry weekend.

We are still watching some activity in the tropics. There is a tropical disturbance in the Caribbean sea that has a medium chance of formation over the next few days.

Tropical Weather Outlook

It is moving to the west.

This next story isn’t tropical, but the word hurricane has been mentioned. Lately there is a lot of buzz on the internet about a powerful storm that is going to impact France. There is talk of hurricane forced winds to 90mph that is expected to hit that region soon. Here is the article with more information: Extreme winds affect France.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler