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Today, we will start to transition to a wetter weather pattern, but keep in mind that it is just the beginning. High pressure is still nearby, but it is slowly edging to the east.

Meanwhile, a cold front is creeping closer to us from the west.

Regional Weather Map

We’ll still have a lot of sunshine today, but we’ll have some isolated showers and storms popping up this afternoon. Then we’ll have an area of scattered showers and storms arriving by tonight. We are still in the hot zone today. High temps will be back in the low-mid 90s. The heat index will be in the mid-upper 90s. Winds will be light and out of the southwest.

With the high heat and humidity, we will be pretty unstable this afternoon/evening. So there is actually a marginal risk for severe weather for parts of our region.

Risk For Severe Weather

You can see on the graphic that I labeled the time. We could see some isolated severe storms between 4 and 7 p.m., but it is more likely between 7 and 11 p.m. You can see the line of storms that form on Future Trak here during that time.

Future Trak (Later Evening)

The showers and storms will taper off after midnight. Then we’ll have quiet weather for the morning commute tomorrow. Through Thursday, we’ll have a mix of sun and clouds. We’ll develop some more scattered showers and storms during the afternoon as the front stalls out over the region.

Highs will be in the upper 80s, but it will still be fairly humid. We’ll have more scattered showers and storms Friday through the weekend. It won’t be a washout, but there’s a pretty decent chance for rain each day. The trend is a little wetter on Saturday, and a little less rainy on Sunday.

However, that could easily change if the front even has a small wiggle. So stay tuned for updates. High temps will be in the 80s Friday through the weekend. So at least it will be cooler.

In the tropics, there are two disturbances that we are watching.

Tropical Satellite

The first one is near Puerto Rico. It is a small/disorganized cluster of thunderstorms. I really don’t think we’ll see much from that area. The National Hurricane Center only gives it a 10% chance of formation over the next few days.

However, I’m a little more concerned about the disturbance that is over the central Atlantic. This is moving west, and the storms around it seem to be congealing a bit. The models do detect it, and they have it moving towards the Bahamas in a few days. It could possibly become a depression or a storm through that time. It has a 50% chance for formation over the next 5 days as of this writing. Stay tuned for updates.

While many locations have been fighting extreme heat this summer, there is one location that is feeling record cold. One area in northern Minnesota hit the upper 30s for low temperatures the other morning. The reason…record heat keeps pushing up into Alaska. This has been happening for months. They have had extreme heat up there this Summer, and it has caused numerous problems. So the cooler air is being replaced and forced down through Canada into the northern U.S.

Here is the article that talks more about that: Record Canadian Heat.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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