We’ll get to enjoy one more warm day before some big changes arrive – the cool air will make a triumphant return by midweek, dropping temperatures back into the 60s.

Unfortunately, while most of us enjoyed the 80° warmth today, some of us were stuck in the 60s. Spring time warmth is a reminder summer time is not far off, but the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay still hold some of the cold from the winter days.

Water temperatures are still in the low 60s, and water has a big influence on it’s surrounding air temperatures. Any breeze off the chilly water will pin those air temperatures in the 60s & 70s while the rest of us away from the waterways climb into the 80s.

We’ll all be in the 80s tomorrow as a southwest breeze takes hold of the afternoon, but this will also be our day of change. An approaching cold front punches into the region later Tuesday afternoon and with it comes scattered showers and a few thunderstorms. Look for the rain to develop across the region around the evening commute, then taking us into the night. Downpours and some stronger thunderstorms can’t be ruled out, so be sure to stay weather aware.

Broken line of showers and thunderstorms Tuesday evening.

Now comes the fun part… behind this front cool air comes crashing in and puts a halt to our spring time beach days. High temperatures will drop a solid 20° or so between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, we’ll be stuck in the 60s for the remainder of the week. At least the cooler air does come with sunshine!

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro