As we started the week we had a cool (but average) day yesterday. High temps were in the 50s with a mix of sun and clouds. We knew that we would actually warm up last night. Some of the region did as a warm front slowly rose up from the south. However, temps were mixed when I got into work with a few 60s to the south, 50s in the metro, and some 40s north of the metro. There were a few showers last night as the front came up.

Scattered Showers Last Night

The front will work its way north today. It will probably make it past D.C., but I don’t think it will make it to New York.

Regional Weather Map

Along with the warm front there are 2 areas of low pressure. They are moving away from us today as well. The larger one has caused a lot of snow over parts of the Midwest and Great Lakes recently. Today New York and Boston are getting some snow. The low has also caused tornadoes and severe weather across the central U.S.

Locally we’ll have drier air moving in from the west. Well have a west wind most of the day, but it will turn out of the north later in the day. High temps will rise to the low 70s this afternoon.

Today’s Temperature Forecast

We’ll have clearing skies. It should be pretty nice out. Tomorrow we’ll have lots of sunshine as high pressure settles in the area. Even though we’ll be dry with lots of sun. Temps will be a little cooler due to an onshore breeze Winds will be out of the east most of the day, and water temps are mainly in the 50s.

By Thursday we’ll have a cool front moving into the area and stalling out. So we’ll have a big area of rain showers in the region.

Future Trak (Thursday)

High temps will return to the 70s. An area of low pressure will move along the front, and it will bring us another round of showers on Friday.

GFS Forecast Model

It’s still early, but next weekend doesn’t look like a dramatic drop in temperatures like past weekends. I don’t want to jinx it. So I’ll go into more detail on that tomorrow. “COULD THE WEATHER PATTERN FINALLY BE CHANGING? TUNE IN TOMORROW…SAME BAT TIME…SAME BAT CHANNEL…”

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler