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If you are eager to dig your hands in the soil and start your annual flower or veggie garden, I would advise to wait just a little longer. During the upcoming week we’ll have mild temperatures with highs in the 70s and chances for Rain Tuesday night and Thursday. That storm system Thursday could bring a big pool of arctic air across the country.

Jetstream Next Friday

The jet stream will make a big dip to the south which could bring frosty conditions to southern Georgia and Alabama! For our area, we might see some of the cold air settle in by Friday AM and Saturday. I believe it will stay plenty warm Thursday.

Typically we see our last frost around this time of year.

Remember, these are just averages! A frost in mid to late April happens every once in awhile so keep an eye on the forecast, or plant things that can handle a frost like Kale and other lettuce varieties. Peppers, Tomatoes and Cucumbers can be killed by temperatures with the temperatures we will see next weekend if the models verify. Stay tuned for changes and updates! Happy Gardening!

Jeff Edmondson