If you’re reading this from Williamsburg or the Middle Peninsula, you’re probably saying – what rain?! As expected some bands of rain have moved through this Saturday morning, leading to a few areas of heavy rain. Most of these bands as we kind of thought yesterday have been across the Southside and NE NC. Overall, the Peninsula and areas inland have largely been rain free this morning.

As we go through the rest of your Saturday, expect partly cloudy skies with just a few spotty showers to be possible across the entire region as an area of low pressure tracks along our coastline. This could throw a little bit of moisture back at us this afternoon, but overall, I expect the rain chances to only be around 20-30% this afternoon.

We’ll be partly cloudy overnight and to start Sunday. Late in the day Sunday, a cold front will approach from our west. This will help spark some showers and storms across central VA/NC that’ll make their way towards us late in the evening. A few could have heavy rain with them and some lightning.

One thing you’ll probably notice through the weekend – our low humidity is gone. The humidity is back, and it’ll stick around through the first part of the week. That’ll result in more humid afternoons. So while the temperatures will still be in the low to mid 80s, like we were the past few days, it’ll be more humid, so it’ll feel a little warmer.

Some scattered rain showers are expected Monday as well. A few lingering showers into Tuesday and through the work week.

In the tropics, we continue to monitor Potential Tropical Cyclone #4. This is the same system we’ve been talking about for awhile, but since it’s close to land the National Hurricane Center decided to give it the designation PTC #4 Friday afternoon. If you’re not familiar with the PTC terminology, it’s basically a name given to systems that are close to land and have a high chance of forming into a tropical depression/storm within 48 hours. By designating it as a system, the NHC is able to issue watches/warning and advisories. Before, if it didn’t have a name their software system wouldn’t let them issue alerts. So now, they use the PTC name.

If it becomes a tropical storm before landfall, it’ll be named Danielle. The storm will have no impact on our region, with the track taking it into Mexico and southern TX.

Hope you have a great weekend! 
Meteorologist Ricky Matthews

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