Over the next few days we are looking at some nice weather. However, underneath that forecast lies a couple of minor nuisances and 1 potential danger. So first off we started today with lots of sunshine. It was gorgeous!

Tower Cam

Temps dropped down to the 40s with a couple of 50s near the shore. It wasn’t nearly as cold as areas up in the Great Lakes. They were waking up to scattered snow showers there.

Regional Weather Map

We have high pressure centered to our southwest with a lot of dry air in place. Dew points have dropped to the 30s and 40s. We’ll have full sunshine today with the breeze picking up out of the west. So that potential danger that I mentioned at the beginning of the blog relates to an increased risk for wildfires. Between noon and 8pm there is a Red Flag Warning in effect for all of southeast Virginia.

Red Flag Warning

This means that you need to use extra caution when dealing with any type of flame unit. This includes grills, cigarettes, and lighters. Northeast North Carolina is not in the warning, but they also have an increased risk for wildfires. Temperatures will rise to the low 70s this afternoon.

Forecast Temps Today

With the dew points holding in the 30s and 40s that will take our relative humidity down to 20-30%. That’s dry! We did have a few rain showers in the region over the last few days, but amounts were very light. Some areas really missed out on the rain.

Another thing to factor in is the pollen levels. They are high today. So OTHER than those things….It should be a pretty nice day.

Tomorrow we’ll still have lots of sunshine, but there will be less wind. It will still be very dry, but the lack of wind should help decrease the wildfire danger. High temps will rise to the mid 70s.

Forecast Temps Tomorrow

It should be a nice day.

We’ll stay dry through Saturday, but temps will start to warm up even more. Highs will be in the 80s by Thursday.

Temperature Trend
Muggy Meter

We aren’t expecting any rain until Saturday night and Sunday. That’s when a strong cold front will move into the area and drop our temps. Highs will fall to the 60s on Sunday. The models are showing a big area of rain on Sunday. However, we are very dry. So, for now, we need to be skeptical of large areas of rain until we can get some get more frequent rain showers in the area.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler