Yesterday we had some brief wild weather in the region as a line of showers and storms moved into the area. Some of our inland/western locations had some brief heavy rain and strong winds.

Satellite/Radar Yesterday Afternoon

However, as the rain moved east into Hampton Roads it had weakened considerably.

Satellite/Radar Yesterday Afternoon

So a lot of the region only picked up a few hundredths of an inch up to a tenth of an inch. It was warm and humid with high temps near 70. There were a few mid 70s over North Carolina. The showers and storms were all well ahead of a cold front. That front has now finally moved offshore.

Regional Weather Map

Drier air is quickly streaming in from the west. The humidity will drop sharply behind the front today.

Muggy Meter

Dew points will drop to the 40s by the afternoon. Skies will gradually clear. So it is going to become a pretty nice day. High temps will rise to the upper 60s with a couple of 70s over North Carolina.

Temperature Forecast Today

So the cooler air will take longer to sweep in compared to the drier air. Tomorrow we’ll cool down a little more, but it will still be nice out. High temps will be in the upper 50s with mostly sunny skies. Then some chilly air will settle into the area over the weekend. High temps will be near 50 on Saturday with a mix of sun and clouds. Then we’ll be in the upper 40s on Sunday.

Temperature Trend

The models are starting to show some showers on Sunday. Before they focused more on the evening and overnight into Monday, but now they are earlier in the day.

GFS Forecast Model

While we had a little active weather in our area yesterday, it is nothing compared to what is happening out west. They have been getting slammed with heavy rain, strong winds, and heavy snow in the higher elevations. Thousands of people are being affected. The southern branch of the jetsream is pouring into California in the upper levels.


The wind at all levels has picked up a huge stream of moisture. We call that an atmospheric river, and that is creating the heavy downpours and snow over that state.

Western Radar

This pattern will continue through the weekend with the precip focusing more on northern California and the Pacific northwest.

The world has had some wild weather lately. This is a continuation of a bunch of wild weather from 2022. I recently found this article that outlines 22 of the craziest things to happen in 2022 (in terms of weather). This includes green skies, frozen sand sculptures, and an usual hurricane season. Here is the link with the full details: 22 odd weather events from 2022.

Also, I found another article that deals with an update in history and climatology. In the article the new research talks about how the Bering land bridge may have formed much later in time than previously thought. It could really upend that period of climatology and anthropology. Here is the full article: Bering land bridge formation may have been later.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler