(WAVY) — We are going to start the day with rain on Thursday, and then it will switch to snow during the evening hours. I believe we are looking at a great chance for about 1″ of snow through the area. If the snow falls fast enough in the evening we might the snow stick to the road.

Future Trak Thursday Evening

Keep in mind, on Friday morning, temperatures will be in the 20s. So it could be slippery as you head out the door and hit the road. I am not expecting additional snow Friday morning, or even midday. The evening is looking snowy. Check out the slideshow below of the model data for Friday night and into Saturday morning.

By Saturday morning, temperatures will be below freezing and stubborn clouds will allow side streets to become sheets of ice as cars pack down the snow. Freeways will begin to improve thanks to effective treatments. Keep an eye on VA 511 for the latest on interstate road conditions.

Snow Totals

Snow totals could approach 6″ around our area by Saturday morning. These totals are subject to change, for example, one reliable model only gives us around 1″!

Road Conditions get worse Friday night

Look for more updates from Jeremy Wheeler in the morning, Don Slater and Ricky Matthews in the evenings as the snow develops.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson