The Northern Lights are a rare occurrence for Hampton Roads. Whenever there’s a chance to see them I want to keep our expectations low. There are two basic types of Aurora shows, one with ribbons of colors dancing in the sky, another when there is a faint green glow along the northern horizon.

Overhead vs Faint lights

If we are going to see anything, the show is going to be a distant view. In addition, with the cloud cover likely going to be around the region, that could totally block our view. If you do want to see them, the latest forecast from the Space Weather Prediction Center suggests the timing will be from 8PM – 11 PM Saturday night. After then the geomagnetic storm will taper off and our chance to see them will fade away. Remember to see the northern lights you need a DARK SKY! Get away from as much light pollution as possible. Central Virginia will be your best bet.

Virginia Light Pollution Map

Happy Viewing!
Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson