It’s been awhile since I posted a video, I will start working on a new one soon, in the meantime, here’s a look at what we can see in our night sky during August.

Here’s a photo of the Mars and the Moon Saturday night.

Moon & Mars

That little speck at the top of the picture is Mars. With the clear skies we are having for the first half of the week ahead, it should be east to go out and stargaze.

Easy to spot 3 planets this week

After sunset, Saturn and Jupiter will be in the southeast sky. By midnight, Mars will rise in the sky, if you want to see 4 planets at once, then you will want to look at around 3 AM when Venus rises in the eastern sky.

Remember, later this year in December, Saturn and Jupiter will meet in our night sky. From our vantage point orbiting the sun, it will appear that these planets will collide! So over the next couple of months take note on where they are in relation to each other.

Happy Viewing!
Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson