This upcoming Saturday at 12:39 PM Northrup Grumman Antares rocket will send a fresh batch of supplies and science to the International Space Station. This is a midday launch, so from a distance it might be difficult to see. If you can drive up to the Eastern Shore or Maryland, you’ll see quite a show.

Weather looks favorable for Saturday

If you cannot drive up, watching from the Lesner Bridge is possible, but it might be difficult if there is haze in the sky.

Remember, the NASA Visitors center will be closed for this launch, watching from Chincoteague Island is an option, as well as other neighboring parks.

Courtesy NASA

On this rocket there’s going to be a variety of experiments going up. The experiments will vary from studying skin aging, tumor growth, hydroponics and plant growth, and measuring the oxygen supply on the spacecraft for use in future mission to the Moon and beyond.

To learn more about the mission’s science goals: NG-17 Science Goals

TV Coverage from NASA will begin at approximately 7:15 AM on the NASA Wallops TV Page

Enjoy the launch!
Chief Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson