Today was a big day for SpaceX and their test of the Dragon Launch escape system. This is built to keep our astronauts safe if and when a rocket fails. In today’s test, the Falcon 9 rocket intentionally shut off its engines. As this happened, the dragon’s thrusters turned on and blasted the capsule safely away. A few moments later, because of aerodynamic forces the rocket blew up! Minutes later, the truck of the Dragon Capsule disconnected, it fell towards the earth, opened its parachutes and splashed down in the Atlantic. 

What does this mean? This is big, this paves the way for the next dragon capsule to be manned. The manned mission could launch as early as March! Congrats to all of the scientists working on this rocket for a successful test!

Now, before that goes up in March, another Antares rocket will be launching from Wallops Island on Sunday February 9th at 5:39 pm. If the weather is warm, make a day of it and drive to the Eastern Shore to see this ISS Resupply mission. 

I hope to see you at that launch! In the meantime, enjoy the night sky with Orion and Venus, Happy Viewing!

Jeff Edmondson