In case you missed this yesterday, this was roughly three hours after liftoff from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken give us a tour of the Crew Dragon Capsule.

I was eating dinner when I saw this happen, definitely a treat, and it shows us how much room is available for up to 7 astronauts to fly on board to get into Low Earth Orbit.

Night Sky Viewing This Week

If you missed the ISS pass overhead the last two nights, you have two more chances coming up this week. On Monday it will be visible for 3 minutes starting in the NNW sky at 9:53 PM. Tuesday night there will be a 5 minute flyby. If our skies are clear, go out and take a look at our three US Astronauts flying over, in addition, two Cosmonauts on board the ISS.

ISS Flyby Tuesday at 9:05 PM

There are also several planets visible in our morning sky.

Mars in the SE sky, Saturn and Jupiter are in the southern sky.

Remember, the sun rises before 6 AM now, so if you want to see these planets, you’ll have to get up early!

Happy Viewing!
Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson