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The past two weeks of my internship in the sales department have been busy, busy, busy. So far, I”ve learned that sales is separated into three parts. Prospecting, cold-calling, and meetings. Over the past two weeks I have taken what I’ve learned and put it into action. I was given a project called Veterans’ Voices, which is a package that salutes the military in light of Veteran’s Day. And, it gives local businesses the chance to advertise. 

First, I researched local businesses that are associated with the military, offer military discounts, or are generally military friendly businesses. I made an excel sheet with all of the businesses in Hampton roads that fit any of this criteria. 

The next step was to go down my list of businesses and cold-call in hopes to secure a meeting. I was so nervous on my first call that my hands were shaking. But I replayed Jenn’s words in my head, “The worst thing that can happen is that they say no.” Finally, I got a good rhythm going and I went down my list. About halfway, I called a big franchise and was surprised when their marketing director agreed to meet with me! My first meeting. Then, at the end of my list, I called a small veteran owned company and they were very interested in the package as well. I got two meetings on my first day of cold-calling. And, I was very interested at the wide scope of the business type that could both benefit from this package. From big franchise to mom and pop, I would have a busy week. 

The next week I put together my project proposals that were personalized for each business. I was proud of my PowerPoint and ready for the meetings. I was so nervous, but I was guided through the whole thing. I feel so lucky to have that real life experience from the work world under my belt. 

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