November 30 not only marks the end of the month, but the end of the 6-month period known as Hurricane Season. The once anticipated active year has finished right on average – with 14 named storms in total, eight hurricanes with two of which being major hurricanes.

Of the eight landfalling storms, five of which were hurricanes.

This year is a great example as to why it’s not necessarily important to focus on the numbers, but rather each storm as they come and go. There could be a year with one or two named storms, that would be as inactive as they come, yet all it takes is one storm to make an impact.

While unusual, it’s not out of the question for tropical cyclones to develop outside the 6-month window of hurricane season. We’ll keep our eyes on the Atlantic, but we don’t see anything looming as of now. As we turn the page on hurricane season, slowly but surely we point our attention to what the winter season will bring for Hampton Roads.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro