Proper Perspective


This week was different than most. For, although I have been able to work on a plethora of projects, I gained the opportunity to obtain more responsibility within my internship and to learn from industry professionals.

Walking into WAVY on Wednesday, I walked to my desk and worked one of my semester projects, which deals with cataloging graphics for our graphics department. However, later that afternoon, I attended a very insightful luncheon. Sitting down in the meeting room, I nervously waited for the other interns. A door unlocked. Two leading anchors—Chris and Katie—walked in and sat down across from us.

This was a very interesting experience. For roughly two hours, both Chris and Katie talked to us about their experiences in the television industry. Furthermore, as interns, we were allowed to ask any questions ranging from how to get into the industry and what stories affected the journalists the most.

I also had the opportunity to shoot an entire package for Symone. This weekend, the Ailey Alvin modern dance company performed in Norfolk. With camera in hand, Symone allowed me to grab the shots needed to complete a two-minute story about the company.

One thing that this experience taught me was how to better understand Symones’ vision for the story and to grab b-roll that perfectly complemented her story. Below, I have attached the link.

Furthermore, this week I continued my work on my final project for WAVY. Kristen, our creative services director, approached me early on about creating a 30-second commercial promoting Symone Davis.

Currently, I have written and designed my shots. This coming week, I am very excited because we will go out and film the commercial and the following weeks I will edit the piece. I am very excited to see my project come to life and cannot wait to see it air on television in the coming weeks.

As I reflect on the week, an unassuming thread of truth weaves itself throughout: proper perspective. Each person pursuing a specific career must work hard and gain experience. However, there is another important aspect to one’s career–gaining wisdom from those whom have walked the road.

Whether talking to Chris and Katie, learning with Symone, or discussing projects with Kristen, I must constantly glean wisdom from those who understand the struggle of starting one’s career. Although I am ultimately responsible for my work, I know there are those who desire to see me succeed.

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