Pinpointed Focus


“Hey there! My name is Zak Khaliqi! I am the Promotions Intern for WAVY-TV.” I stood behind WAVY’s table at Regent Universities Career Fair greeting students. Initially, I went to the fair to look for potential jobs in media. However, I quickly found no organizations offering such positions. As I walked throughout the vendors, I noticed WAVY’s booth with Kristen, the Creative Service Director for WAVY’s promotion department, and Shannon, an account executive, standing behind it. I talked to them for a few minutes, until a student walked up and expressed interest in the program. Immediately, I shared my personal experience at WAVY as an intern. Amazed, Kristen looked at me and asked, “Zak, would you like to help us?” With enthusiasm, I walked behind the booth. For the rest of the fair, I had the opportunity to talk to upcoming Cinema-Television students about my experience and encouraging them in their own pursuits.

When I first applied for an internship at WAVY, initially, I requested to work on the Hampton Roads Show as a floor director. At the time, I desired to pursue a career in live television. However, Stephanie Cooke, our internship coordinator, asked if I would rather work in the Promotions Department. I have never regretted this decision. For this week, I had the opportunity to shadow the Hampton Roads Show. While I enjoyed my experience shadowing a live television program, I quickly learned that my passion does not lay in live television.

As I reflect on my experiences this week, one lesson stands out among the rest. When shadowing the Hampton Roads Show, I instantly discovered that I do not ultimately want to pursue a career in technical operations for live television. Furthermore, as I stood behind the table conversing with various students, I noticed that I possessed an uncontainable joy for talking about the amazing projects that I was able to work on for the promotions department. Both experiences revealed my passion for creatively constructing videos through writing and editing. Often, I believe, the hardest thing in deciding one’s career is wading through the plethora of options. However, trying new experiences challenges one and helps one to discover his or her passion with pinpointed focus.

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