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Interning outside of the Newsroom

Since I’ve been at WAVY-10, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many people who work in various parts of the newsroom–and station overall. As an aspiring producer, I’ve done a lot of work with producers. The typical day includes a lot of writing, which I love. I’ll write for broadcast, which is short and sweet to the point yet captivating to its listeners– rather than print which includes all the details and long extravagant words.

Something that I don’t typically get to do, is go out in the field. I’ve, so far had the chance to go out “in the field”, as referenced in the news industry, two times. Both times great–however very different. Different is always good to me, I love versatility.

Photographer, Kevin Romm (left) and Reporter, Kara Dixon chatting in the front of a WAVY-10 vehicle with intern, Maya Thames as they leave the neighborhood of Virginia Beach murder.

The first time going “out in the field,” was great– yet emotional. I travelled with photographer, Kevin Romm and reporter, Kara Dixon to speak to some people in the neighborhood of a Virginia Beach shooting. This was very interesting to me. I’m very into crime and this was real life, which made it more authentic. A mid-aged man was killed in his home on the weekend of our visit and his daughter, who previously lost her mother to breast cancer, is now parentless. It was very intriguing to speak with the people in the apartment complex. They kept mentioning that this murder really hit hard on their community, and was a great loss. The family of the father was not ready to speak. As I peaked into the apartment of the victim’s sister, seeing all of the teary eyes and weary faces really hit-home for me. I was then brought back to the moments when I’ve lost loved ones, and all of the family gathers in one house or setting to comfort each other. This brought hurt to my heart, I empathized with this family.

Although, I was not able to ask the immediate family any questions, I was able to speak with some members of the apartment community–who all spoke highly of the victim. This was a great and real experience of what the news world is really like, especially when actively reporting.

Investigative reporter, Adrienne Mayfield and intern, Maya Thames obtaining b-roll at Fort Monroe.

The very next week, I had the opportunity to do something different. More investigative. I went out to Fort Monroe with investigative reporter, Adrienne Mayfield. She was covering a story about the Virginia Marine Police and their employee diversity–or lack there of. Fort Monroe is grounded on a very beautiful location right on the beach. Adrienne first captured some b-roll for her story. Then we headed over to Hampton Courts off of North King Street. There, we were following up on a different story. The story of a young boy who was found dead over the summer. There had been no arrest made in connection to his murder. So, our job at the court was to look over arrest warrants found in the court record. It was pretty cool…kind of like a movie. The clerk handed us a thick block of paper that were rubber banded together–and we searched. While we did find warrants for crimes such as drug use/distribution, child pornography, prostitution, and robbery– there were none for the case that we were searching for. But the experience of it all was eye-opening.

Overall, going outside of the newsroom was enlightening and fun! I got to bond with WAVY reporters/photographers, experience the news world and learn all in one. This internship has been everything that I’ve needed so far. Everyone at WAVY is more than welcoming and I feel more confident coming into the station everyday. Thanks WAVY-10!

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