Lunch and Learn!


A lunch and learn event was held this week at WAVY in the conference room for the interns. WAVY’s morning anchor, Katie Collett, and Hampton Roads Show host, Chris Reckling, stopped by to drop some gems!
They shared their experiences about how they came to love news and how they got started in the business. We all sat around the table eating our delicious mini Jimmy John’s sandwiches and giant chocolate chip cookies, listening to them speak.
Both Katie and Chris expressed how bad they were on-camera when they first got started. I was very glad to hear this news because when I look at most of the stand-ups I have done so far, I suck. They both said they sucked at first but got better quickly. I plan on getting better very quickly as well as I continue to keep practicing.
Katie gave some very valuable advice when trying to get a family to talk after someone has died. She called it the “death knock.” She said this is one of the hardest things that you will have to do as a journalist because it is our job to get the interview. She lets the family know that she wants their child to be remembered and recognized and not a statistic.
For the second half of the lunch and learn, our amazing intern coordinator, Stephanie Cooke, chatted with us about final projects, blog posts and job opportunities.
She gave us a few websites that have job listings for us to search. She also gave us advice on what to watch out for when entering the workforce.
The lunch and learn was a complete success! I leaned a lot and appreciate all the stories and advice I received. In all honesty, I really needed to hear that others had the same problems and went through the same things I’m going through now.

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