Keeping it cool


I spent a great deal of time shadowing this week. I got a chance to work on the midday show this past Monday and then on Friday I spent the day working in promotions. The biggest lessons I’ve learned this week all revolve around keeping cool under pressure when things don’t go the right way. On Monday there were technical difficulties that didn’t allow for us to take the first commercial break. This left the producer basically directing the anchors to keep the show going until the next block and hoping that the problem would be resolved then. Instead of freaking out, the director remained calm and collected and the anchors did a superb job of keeping show moving without any awkward pauses. It showed me that even when things go wrong you can still have a good show if you keep yourself calm and roll with the punches.

When I shadowed with promotions on Friday a similarly stressful situation happened. I was working with Mike Booth on a topical which was due by 2:45 p.m. I had already assisted Kristen Joyal with writing the script and she had sent it off to WAVY’s voiceover guy. When he sent it back, however, there was a mistake in his recording. Instead of stressing out in the production booth, Mike just worked with all of the other parts he had, made a back up plan to record Laura Caso doing the topical, and waited to see what happened. We ended up getting the redone recording on time and things worked out but I learned that planning ahead and keeping it cool were the two best actions to take when faced with a situation like that.

I think some of the coolest work I’ve doing while being an intern has got to be a toss-up between my usual web desk duties and the stuff I get to do while shadowing. I completed a major project this week at the web desk. The Weekend Planner was finally overhauled with the HTML code that I wrote for it and it was so satisfying to see all my hard work go to use. These are the things that make being an intern at WAVY so rewarding.

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