Interning is still WAVY


The intern life definitely and interesting one. Things have been great at WAVY TV 10/FOX 43! Of course, I am still learning so much. A lot of skills I have been learning here are so pertinent to my future career and life goals!

Over the course of time, I have gotten a lot stronger with my prompter and camera operating skills. I been able to take more of a lead on a lot of the jobs here versus watching and observing. Baby steps are key! Once I found my stride, I started taking the liberty of doing things on my own and not waiting for my mentors to give me instructions. It’s a liberating feeling when you an feel 100% confident in the work that you are doing and your forward progression. 

So far, my favorite thing to do is operating cameras during the midday show. It’s fun, fast and invigorating. I enjoy manning the handheld during The Hampton Roads Show because its fast and fun. I can’t wait until I can finally do it for Live Music Friday. 

Shadowing promotions and seeing how to keep up with the fun side is also cool as well. I got to shadow Symone Davis as she does her lifestyle show after The HR Show. Its fun operating cameras and helping assist her with her needs.

All in all, I am still riding the WAVY wave. I can not wait until I can look back at all of my progress

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